Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts /SNCO/ was founded in 2020  by the Government of the Republic of Armenia , as a result of unification  Yerevan State College of Culture /SNCO/ and Yerevan State College of Pop and Jazz Arts /SNCO/ .

Yerevan State College of Culture  /SNPO/ was founded  in 1929 on the basis of the Republic School of Projectionists, which was changed into Yerevan Cinematography College in 1967 according to the act N 344 of the ASSR council of ministers. Later in 2000 according to the education,  science, culture and sport minister’s decree N 97  it was renamed into Yerevan State College of Culture

Yerevan State College of Pop and Jazz Arts /SNCO/ was founded in 1979. In 1979  the  "Variety Studio" was founded at "Armenian Studio" organization in Yerevan, which was renamed College of Jazz Art  /SNCO/ than in 1996 was renamed State College of Pop and Jazz Arts /SNCO/. The college was founded by jazzman, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Armenia   Axel Bakunts.

The admissions in the college with the current professions are implemented on a competitive basis with a full-time education form in both free and fee-based education forms. Students who study free-of-charge receive scholarships provided by the gorvernment. According to the order established by the Armenian government students with social or other status receive annual scholarships. With the results of a year's progress transference may occur from the free education form to the fee-based one, and vice versa. Graduates with high marks have the possibility to continue their education with their profession in the following institutes:

1.   Yerevan State Conservatory Named after Komitas /SNPO/

2.   Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography /SNPO/

3.   Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan /SNPO/

4.   Scientific Educational Centre in Yerevan of Ternopol National Economic University

5.   Chuvash State Institute of Culture and Arts

6.   The Orel State Institute of Culture